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Mark Williams

“Rewriting the Rulebook | Host of the Balance, Not Burnout Podcast | Unconventional and Intentional CEO”


About Me

Hi, I'm Mark Williams, a CEO and industry leader in the world of financial planning and insurance. I'm challenging the idea that success requires juggling an ever-growing list of top priorities. As an advocate for rethinking the speed of business, I understand that your attention is one of your most precious resources — and try as you might, you can't give it to everything at once.

On my podcast Balance, Not Burnout, I help listeners ditch hustle culture and replace it with a cultivated sense of intentionality. As a passionate and experienced mentor, I examine what’s wrong with the modern corporate climate to encourage people to take the time to slow down.

Rushed. Hurried. Hasty. That’s not how you want to be seen. I'll help you learn how to adopt the rebellious act of balance instead.

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Mark Williams is the CEO of Brokers International. Mark is available for speaking engagements to help inspire and motivate your team.


On the Balance, Not Burnout podcast, Mark challenges the idea that success as a professional today requires juggling an ever-growing list of priorities.

Profile artwork for Mark Williams
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