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Mark Ryall

“I’ve written a science fiction novel and a sports biography, which share a theme: the powerful human drive to get the most out of life.”


About Me

I am a retired economics teacher from Hamilton, Ontario, who has self-published two books. I am also a competitive triathlete who represented Canada in the 2019 ITU World Age-Group Championships in Switzerland, and recently qualified for the 2023 Championships to be held in Spain.

My first book, the science fiction novel "Age-Decoded" (released March 2021), deals with the many advancements in CRISPR genetic engineering. The book's central question is: What could possibly go wrong with the advent of genetic engineering? The story itself focuses on geneticist Dr. Frieda Sengmeuller, who uses CRISPR to finally stop human aging. But the government secretly uses her methods in other psychological ways, jeopardizing freedom and democracy. I feel this topic is so important, given the impending tsunami of genetic engineering technology. A novel like this enables readers to imagine and feel the effects on humanity.

My newest book, "Run Daughter, Run Father" [released September, 2022] delves into the running and racing adventures of me and my daughter Stephanie. When she was just seven years old, Stephanie shows a keen interest in running. Realizing she cannot be held back, I get off the couch and joins in her workouts. Over the next seventeen years, we both progress as distance runners and pursue shared dreams in competitive age-group racing. We encounter many ups and downs along the way as Stephanie matures into a university track and cross country athlete and I transition into serious triathlons. As both father and coach, I always look to safeguard Stephanie's health and long-term athletic development, which causes her to push back at times. Using personal stories, humorous situations, training advice, and significant scientific research, this work lends the reader a unique look inside the world of younger and older runners. It's a great read for runners of all ages, as well as their coaches and parents.

My podcast tour guesting on about thirty shows over the past year and a half was an incredible experience! These podcasts focused on my science fiction novel. I enjoyed working with so many superb hosts. Our conversations were lively, and feedback from hosts and listeners was excellent.

I am now seeking podcast hosts who may be interested in either my science fiction book, my running book, or both. There are thematic connections between these two works -- i.e., mortality and aging, getting the most out of life, and the interactions between younger and older generations -- which would make for a fantastic conversation.

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