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“Empower Yourself in Love and Relationships: Dr. Mark A. Hicks is Your Expert Guide to Personal and Professional Success”


About Me

I'm Dr. Mark A. Hicks, and I wear many hats – author, ghostwriter, speaker, counselor / life coach, and podcast host. My passion lies in unraveling the mysteries of love and relationships, digging deep into what makes them tick. I firmly believe that healthy relationships are the cornerstone of a fulfilling life and career, and I love sharing insights that resonate with audiences.

My academic journey is diverse, with a Doctor of Ministry Degree, Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, Master’s degree in Divinity, and a Bachelor's in Psychology. As a counselor, I've walked alongside individuals facing all sorts of challenges – addiction, divorce, family struggles, and self-improvement. Yet, my career isn't just about counseling; I've also served as a minister, addiction recovery program director, radio host, and more.

Despite my academic background, some of my most profound lessons in love came from my own experiences, particularly a toxic first marriage and painful divorce. Those experiences taught me that true understanding of relationships isn't just about degrees – it's about empathy and lived experience.

That's why I poured my heart and soul into my book, "Learning Love: Building a Life That Matters and Healthy Relationships That Last." In today's world, where loneliness and conflict are pressing issues, I am confident my insights can offer hope and guidance for those seeking deeper connections.

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