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Mark Bello

“Attorney/Author/Podcaster 45 years social justice advocacy experience. Entertaining and informative guest;”


About Me

A Passion for Justice:

Mark Bello is an attorney, social justice advocate, award-winning author of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, and co-host of the "Justice Counts" podcast. He draws upon 44 years of courtroom experience, his passion for justice, and a creative writing style to pen captivating novels for his readers and hard-hitting commentaries on newsworthy events and controversies.

Bello was one of the first attorneys to sue the Catholic Church over sexual abuse by clergy, an experience that inspired his debut novel, Betrayal of Faith. Through his “ripped from the headlines” novels, he takes readers deep into the courtroom fights to protect our most precious rights and provides a front-row glimpse into what victims face when standing up for justice. His seventh novel, Betrayal at the Border, is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

A native of Detroit, Mich., Bello earned his law degree from Western Michigan University's Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Oakland University in Rochester.

In his books, articles, and blogs at, Bello calls out abuses of power as he empowers readers, the media, and ordinary citizens to champion social justice and fight for their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Bello and his spouse, Tobye, have four children and eight grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. For more information, visit

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Profile artwork for Mark Bello
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