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Mark Alsip

“Indoctrinated into fundamentalist religion at age six, I broke free thanks to science. Fighting for separation of church and state.”


About Me

I'm a former Young Earth Creationist, indoctrinated at age 6. Rescued by science, I write skeptical/science articles and fight against intrusions by faith into politics, schools, and our secular lives. I've been published by Forbes, Skeptical Inquirer, and the National Center for Science Education, among others.

My new book, "Journey to Reason," documenting my indoctrination and ensuing conflicts, firmly links fundamentalism to many problems facing society today, including science denial (vaccines, climate change), anti-LGBTQ laws, book bans, racism, history revision, and the loss of female reproductive rights.

The book can be previewed at

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Mark Aaron Alsip

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Debunking dangerous junk science found on the Internet. Non-scientist friendly!

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