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Manny Skevofilax

“You have a mechanic for your car. As a Business Advisor, Manny Skevofilax is a mechanic for your business and helps you keep it profitable.”


About Me

Manny Skevofilax, a seasoned consultant and captivating speaker, possesses the extraordinary ability to breathe life into businesses, ensuring they thrive on all fronts. With over two decades of dedicated service in his field, Manny has been the guiding light for countless business owners seeking to cultivate a robust and flourishing enterprise through his business Portal CFO. His clients have even described him as not just an ordinary consultant but a business therapist.

Since 2003, Manny has been on a relentless mission to elevate businesses to their highest potential. He achieves this through a multi-faceted approach, blending the art of strategic planning, the precision of financial statement analysis, the mastery of operations optimization, organizational development, and effective team-building.

As a proud Baltimore, Maryland native, Manny's journey began with humble beginnings in the restaurant industry, where he worked side by side with his first-generation Greek immigrant parents. He honed his skills in the hospitality sector while pursuing his education at the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore. During this time, Manny not only earned a Bachelor of Science in Business but also obtained a Master of Science in Finance. This strong foundation served as a launchpad for pivoting into the corporate world of banking, where he gained invaluable experience before transitioning into consultancy.

Manny's expertise have made him a sought-after luminary in the world of business consultancy and motivational speaking. With an innate ability to transform complex concepts into actionable strategies, he has become the go-to source for businesses looking to not only survive but to thrive and flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce

Manny can speak to the following topics:

  • How empathetic business solutions can help a business succeed - By understanding the human side of entrepreneurship you’ll be able to navigate the unique struggles faced by small businesses.
  • Why it’s necessary to focus on realistic goals and sustainable growth - How small businesses work with limited resources without straining budgets.
  • How staying agile and embracing change can mean you can leverage opportunities effectively - Manny pivoted his business during the great recession to great success.
  • Why it’s Critical to be Confident in Difficult Times - How leading with confidence can influence your business.

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Profile artwork for Manny Skevofilax
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