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Malcolm Teasdale

“Proven track record of entrepreneurship. Traveled to 118 countries & lots of stories to tell. Enrichment speaker for various Cruise Lines”


About Me

Everyone - I am back from my travels. Another fulfilling and educational experience. The story continues. Open for invites.

Malcolm is an entrepreneur who made a success from creating technology companies, the most recent of which was sold to a major corporation in 2013. His company had offices in 4 countries, sold products into 80 countries and was presented with multiple industry awards.

Today he is contracted by various Cruise Lines to perform enrichment and educational talks to passengers about travel destinations, foreign cultures, business, World history and geography at various locations on the planet.

He has written 5 business travel and adventure travel books which would possibly make a nice giveaway on guest appearances.

He is commonly known as “The Travel Addict" - visited 98 countries, lived in 5 countries, an adventure traveler who will consider settling down at the grand old age of 95.

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Profile artwork for Malcolm Teasdale
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