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Magdalene Dietchka

“Author of the The Physician: The Stolen Ones. What good are healing powers when you can't save everyone and then you need to save the world?”


About Me

Magdalene Dietchka is a debut author making waves in the literary world with her captivating writing style and heartfelt stories. Her books take readers on a journey through the pages and leave them wanting more. Magdalene's passion for writing shines through in every word she puts on paper, and her readers can't get enough.

Magdalene was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania to a large, loving, and crazy family. She has always been proud of her Eastern European heritage and studied international relations with a specialization in Eastern European studies. She lived in Moscow for a summer in the late nineties. The following year, she met her husband online and it was love at first sight. Magdalene now lives in West Virginia with her husband and two dogs.

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The Home of Author Magdalene Dietchka, author of the Stolen Ones series.

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Conquest Publishing is a traditional romance publisher whose stories do not always have a happy ending.

Profile artwork for Magdalene Dietchka
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