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M. Scott Tatum

“Artist. Educator. Leader. Texan. A focus on creativity in the classroom and in the community, with an eye toward improving systems for all.”


About Me

M. Scott Tatum is an innovative educational leader with over two decades of experience in shaping the future of education through creative strategies and a deep commitment to inclusive, interdisciplinary learning. As a Principal and Head of School, Scott has led multiple campuses to national acclaim, integrating advanced pedagogies that foster student-centered, inquiry-based learning. His expertise spans revitalizing academic programs, enhancing curriculum design, and spearheading diversity and inclusion initiatives. Scott’s work is driven by a passion for developing global citizens and preparing students to thrive in a complex world. He brings a unique perspective on transforming education systems, making him an insightful podcast guest ready to dive deep into discussions on educational innovation, leadership, and the crucial role of arts and technology in learning environments. BFA Theatre Studies, MA Curriculum and Instruction, and (soon) PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy.

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Profile artwork for M. Scott Tatum
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