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Lyubomir Nachov

“Author of 'In a Million Years - Evolution Omnipotence' the first of a three book series. Available worldwide. | Marketing Professional”


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Read my interview with De Mode Magazine. Just google "De Mode Magazine L. L. Nachov".

Apart from that...

Have you ever felt a burning desire to live up to a person that does not let future generations down? Well I do, why shouldn't I? The world is overcrowded with people that tell their kids, friends and family that darker times are coming, and how uncertain everything is. Well the world has been ending since it began, and I do not want to be an example that instils fear in other hearts, do you?

Speaking of which, do you remember how when we were little, we used to often escape and wonder within imaginary worlds. Worlds where we felt safe, where we felt powerful and free, invincible, and even had superpowers. With the passing of time all those worlds slowly faded away and although we could travel there, they did not bring the same comfort as before, we started separating what is imaginary and what is real. In a Million Years - Evolution Omnipotence gives every reader a world where they can wonder within as often as they like. Think of it as an absurd yet comprehensible promise of a brighter future, where you actually exist as you are now. It is all within the pages.

Book 2 - "In a Million Years - Paths of War" coming out soon.

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Author & Marketing Professional

Profile artwork for Lyubomir Nachov
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