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Lynda Huffman

“The Let's Decorate app is interior design in the palm of your hand. Access to a real experienced interior designer is just a text away.”


About Me

Interior Design at your fingertips:

I have been designing and decorating as a side gig for over 30 years. I love helping people create beautiful homes. After 20 years in the corporate arena, in October of 2019 at the age of 52 I left my COO position at a medial diagnostic company to pursue my passion of interior design full-time and work on the development of an app that would put interior design advice/consulting in the hands of anyone. Of course, we all know what happened in March of 2020! The app was put on hold as my husband lost his job and I had to focus on in person design. After almost two years my husband gained employment and the app was back on track.

I truly believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home. In 2017 I recognized the need for a more practical and economical approach to interior design, thus the idea for The Let’s Decorate App was born. With HGTV and the Magnolia Network so many people want to create their own dream home and they want to do it themselves. However, they have no idea how to implement these ideas in their home or where to start. They get overwhelmed and and hence STUCK! They do not have the budget to hire an expensive interior designer. They have a great design eye but just need advice or reassurance on their design decisions. The Let's Decorate App app is real interior design in the palm of your hand with one-on-one access to a real interior designer to help guide and coach you to create your own personal style. Using texting and photos, The Let’s Decorate App puts the power of interior design at your fingertips to help you gain confidence in your design decisions knowing you have an experienced designer is just a text away.

You may ask, "How can I do this at this price point?" Well, the client does most of the work. Measuring, sourcing products, and running to the paint store is all on them. I have done entire homes using this method. The Let's Decorate App started as a webapp and on June 30th, after 6 years, The Let's Decorate App was accepted and published in the app store. We have already over 1000 downloads!

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Profile artwork for Lynda Huffman
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