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Luke Grim

“Empowering parents of teenagers to have tough, critical and sometimes awkward conversations to help the kids stand on their own after HS.”


About Me

Partner and I strongly believe we have a generation of teenagers that need parents to help them learn life skills so they can be self-sufficient and stand on their own after HS graduation. This means learning how to handle money/not go into debt, to stand firm in their faith (know WHY they believe what they believe), how to cook, how to interact with people (masks and technology have really hurt this generation), and so forth.

We have lessons prepared, weekly newsletters going out, and a budding youtube channel.

Topics also arise from our experiences and backgrounds. I'm retired US Army (20 years), x4 masters degrees, and teach 12th grade Government/Economics. My wife and I homeschool our 8 kids, we attend church, and I lead both a men's group and a small group at my home.

We want parents to know they CAN have tough conversations with their teenagers, and they are best ones to do so. The TV isn't, culture isn't, and a HS or College professor is not. They may not be EXPERTS, but in their kid's eyes, they sure are.

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Profile artwork for Luke Grim
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