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Lucyl Harrison

“PhD student and podcaster. You can find me chatting about Covid books or walking along Norfolk’s beaches with a chocolate coloured spaniel.”


About Me

I am a producer, editor and co host of the literary podcast, Pandemic Pages: a monthly book club conversation about the latest and greatest books in the genre of Coronavirus fiction.

I am currently studying for a PhD with the University of Hull, researching the impact of COVID on literature and language on a research project titled Living with Death: Learning from COVID.

I co-host with Dr Catherine Wynne, lecturer of English and Associate Deans for Research and Enterprise at the University of Hull.

I graduated with a master's degree in English in 2019, where I explored my literary interests in literature, theatre, and visual culture with a particular focus on creativity and intertextuality.

My primary area of research interest during her postgraduate studies included Isabella Whitney and Shakespeare alongside other topics including the Gothic and Victorian theatre, techniques of imitation and the concept of genre. My master’s thesis focused on women of the 'middling sort' in the Early Modern complaint.

Borne out of my experiences as a young adult carer and career background in education and outreach, my personal interest with social inclusion and fair access spur her passions for impact and public engagement. I taught English in schools, colleges, and Adult Education for 8 years and worked on outreach programmes with vulnerable communities in the UK and India, particularly working with women and children/youth.

My research aim for the ‘Living with Death: Learning from Covid’ research project is to explore how COVID-19 writers have created new, original texts to deploy their socio-economic commentaries and idiosyncratic experiences of loss and grief. The research is adopting archival studies as a critical lens and methodology of archiving the COVID-19 pandemic and understanding differences in lived experiences of this shared, recent area of history.

I write for The Conversation about books and literature and have worked with the National Centre for Writing in Norwich on the Storymaker’s programme, bringing the history of the medieval merchant trading hall, Dragon Hall, to life.

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Pandemic Pages

Listen to Pandemic Pages on Spotify. A literary podcast with PhD student, Lucyl Harrison and Dr Catherine Wynne from the University of Hull which explores an impressive collection of Covid-19 fictions surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. Discover the latest and greatest in pandemic fiction and upcoming author interviews! Make sure you don’t miss out on book reviews, more recommendations and insights on the newest releases. Follow the Instagram: @pandemicpagespodcast

Profile artwork for Lucyl Harrison
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