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“I'm a businesswoman/fulfilment seeker and I'd gladly share the science-backed tips that helped me live a fulfilling life with your audience”


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My [brief] Story

Hello đź‘‹

I'm Lucy Abigail, the sole founder of Keys to Clarity - empowerment coaching for fulfilment seekers, individuals who feel unhappy with their lives and don't know how to change them. I see a world where everyone has the knowledge and the confidence to live a fulfilling life that makes them happy.

Growing up, I struggled to know what she should do to live a life of ultimate happiness and pass with no regrets. Aged fourteen, I turned to the world of positive psychology, the science behind all the best self-help books. There, I found answers to some of my life's most challenging questions. I hope to share some of what I've learned with your audience. I am a fulfilment seeker.

I would appreciate the opportunity to share with your audience the science-backed tips, tricks and tools that have helped me live a more fulfilling life.

Topic Suggestions

  1. How greater autonomy leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle: Self-Determination Theory Pt 1
  2. How being of service to others increases our mental wellbeing: The Psychological Superpower of Generosity.
  3. Why being competent in a skill you master is vital for your psychological wellbeing and how to achieve it: Self-Determination Theory Pt 2 and Deliberate Practice vs Flow.
  4. How to stop sustaining who you are and start succeeding towards your greatest self: High Hard Goals, Peak Experiences and Psychological Detachment from Work
  5. Money is not Meaning - Recalibrate your mind to energise your happiness instead of depressing it.
  6. The three pieces of purpose and where to find them: Satisfaction, Service and Skill.
  7. Why the only way to a satisfying life is to break out of the mould and how to do it - Paradox of Choice, Flock Mentality and Individualism
  8. How to maintain mental clarity to improve your psychological wellbeing: Selective Attention, Strategic Ignorance and Flow State

Previous Collaborations

Please find below links to two podcast collaborations and their complementary workbook pdfs and a link to a webinar and the complementary presentation.

My approach to being a guest.

My intention for every collaboration I do is to bring as much value to you and your audience as possible.

Beforehand, I like to do a 15 to 30-minute discovery call. See below for details.

During our conversation, I want to share ideas with you and give you space to share equally. Long monologues and speeches aren't why I do this. I find this method creates the most exciting shows anyway.

I like to create a workbook pdf based on the conversation we've shared for your audience so they can take action and get the most out of the episode. I'd be happy to do this for you if you wouldn't mind mentioning it a few times in the conversation and including the link in the show notes.

Lastly, I want to help you grow your audience, as you are helping me do that too. So, with your permission, I would love to share the episode with my growing email list and include our conversation in a content library on my company's website. A link to your socials would be in the description. This page is currently in development but is planned to be live before 2022. If you could also provide the recording for social media purposes to promote the episode once it's live, I would appreciate it.

Book a Discovery Call

I'd gladly chat about what could work for a podcast or webinar and discuss what can and cannot be brought up in the conversation.

I use Calendly to stop finding a time from taking time from both our busy schedules. The link is below.

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