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Lizzie Merritt

“The missing piece of weight loss: the piece between your ears. Peek behind the curtain of your own brain for lasting peace with your body.”


About Me

My main goal is to give your listeners actionable, memorable things that they can apply to their lives immediately have them so engaged and learning that they write more glowing reviews for YOU and your show.

Hiya! I'm Lizzie.

I'm a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and professional weight loss coach specializing in helping people figure out why they don’t do the things they think they *should* do in order to lose weight and feel happy.

My philosophy on weight loss is that:

1) Diets are just the worst.

2) The only way to lose weight is imperfectly.

3) Weight loss is much more about what’s between your ears than what’s on your plate.

I wrote a book called You Are a Miracle to teach people about all the things that diets don’t tell you. Things like why we self sabotage. What to do when your motivation in the dumps. How shame and guilt perpetuate slips up (I call it the Shame Spiral of Doom.) And other things like how to make failure your friend, how to handle weekends or travel or holidays.

But more than that, it's time for folks to stop waiting to lose weight in order to participate in life. Each person listening to your show is a genuine miracle. A piece of the Divine. Too many people walk around only seeing what's wrong with themselves and their bodies rather than proactively looking for the million things that are right about them.

I want to empower your peeps to feel like maybe it's not their fault if they've struggle with weight loss in the past. They're not broken. And the can love themselves WHILE they lose weight rather than waiting for WHEN they lose weight.

So if you or your audience are tired of the same old tired advice on weight loss and looking for some real talk on weight loss, loving your body, and shining your light NOW, I'd love to have a conversation with you!

One person described listening to me like "chatting at my kitchen table with my most non-judgmental, compassionate, and smartest friend." Another listener to one of my interviews said "I love this episode! So good!"

I hope you'll consider me as a guest for your show so that together we can deliver great content and grow your reach!

PS: I also run Spartan races, cry at cheesy commercials, and I'm a huge Marvel movie nerd.

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Profile artwork for Lizzie Merritt
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