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Liza Jacob

“Professional audiobook narrator. Let's talk all things books, reading, writing, arts, and parenting- just not houseplants. I murder those.”


About Me

Liza is a professional audiobook narrator who has a lifelong love affair with storytelling. She has previously worked in children's book illustration and writing, with six traditionally published and eight self-published titles under her married name Liza Fenech.

When she turned her sights to audiobook narration four in 2019, she dove in and now has recorded over 25 audiobooks, with a growing number of titles under her own name and her pseudonym, Clara Abbott. She has trained with Elise Arsenault at the Global Actor, completed the Great Audiobook Adventure course, trained with dialect coach Molly Wetzel, and the Deyan Audio Masterclass with P.J. Ochlan. Liza is an APA member. Liza records in a professional home studio with an AT2020 microphone, Focusrite Scarlet Solo Audio Interface, and a Rolls MP13 Pre-amp on Adobe Audition and iZotope RX7.

Liza is a wife, mom to two little girls, and a meatball of a yellow lab named Brisket. Balancing raising a family and running a business is more than a full-time job! She is always learning not only in her own career but also in new parenting and wellness strategies.

Send Liza a message to talk all things books, writing, audiobooks, reading, publishing, and parenting.

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Profile artwork for Liza Jacob
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