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Liza Horan

“I cover the growing mind-body-spirit movement for greater health and happiness, and can address challenges and opportunities within it.”


About Me

I'm Editor-in-Chief of, an independent media site that covers the mind-body-spirit industry: Complementary and alternative therapies, natural health, and spiritual growth disciplines. Holistic wellness is growing exponentially and covers a wide swathe of sectors with the scope that the Global Wellness Institute tracks, yet it's still not fully represented. Many of the disciplines within mind-body-spirit are cottage industries and some face credibility challenges.

My professional background is as journalist and editor (newspapers, Reuters, magazines) and digital strategy leader and consultant (The New York Times. Co.,, ESPN, Informa, Incisive media, British Standards Institution). I have a track record of founding successful digital media start-ups, and coaching C-level executives on how to achieve goals by authentically representing their personal and professional brands through strategic communications, both online and offline. I've spoken at dozens of conferences and events, from major publishing, sports, and Internet conferences to guest-lecturing at universities. I earned my bachelor's degree in sociology with journalism at Mount Saint Mary's University (Maryland, USA) and my master's degree in strategic communications from Columbia University (NY, USA).

I am an American living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

#mindbodyspirit #holistichealth #holisticwellness #spirituality #branding #wellness #wellbeing

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Profile artwork for Liza Horan
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