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Liz Keates

“I support women who've experienced a life shock & are tired of playing small, to live with purpose and OWN that they are MEANT FOR MORE!”


About Me

Hello! I'm Liz and I’m a Soul Purpose Coach who is obsessed with helping women who are tired of settling for less, to fall back in love with life.I help women who are done playing small, and feeling directionless, to gain clarity and power so that they can feel excited about life and OWN that they are meant for more.

When I was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer in 2015, everything changed. This life shock woke me up big time to some home truths. Once over the initial shock, I took time to heal and took stock of my life. This led me to insights and a significant spiritual awakening. I made some massive Life-style changes, including a career change and I become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach!

It takes courage to step into and embody our personal power, and own and integrate who we desire to become, the best version and authentic expression of ourselves at soul level.My aim is to lovingly honour and embody all the parts of myself, so that I’m authentically aligned with who I truly am. I love helping anyone who identifies as a women to do this too! What I can offer your guests.

My areas of knowledge & expertise include:

Life Shock to Life Shift – sudden, unforeseen moments that can bring you to your knees. YET, equally they are opportunities for awakening and massive growth.

Meant for More! –  I help women to gain clarity, stand in their power, live life on purpose and OWN that they are Meant for More!

Spiritual Practice - How to start and maintain a spiritual practice including meditation, connecting with Mother Nature, altar creation and much more.

Nature Our Greatest Healer – Connecting with Mama nature enable a deeper connection to ourselves.Self-Love – How to take care of yourself, confidence, boundaries and mindset. If this resonates with you and I can be of service to your Podcast guests, please reach out.

I'd love to connect, start a conversation and inspire your guests! Liz x

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Profile artwork for Liz Keates
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