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Lisa Smith

“I'm Dr. Lisa of Right2Consent. My goal is to reduce sex violence (1:4 girls, 1:6 boys). Because most are ill-prepared and don't report it.”


About Me

Dr. Lisa R. Smith

Author. Advocate & Professor who provides an honest perspective about solutions for mental health issues regarding the sexual assault and rape of children and teens which is rarely addressed.


Professor (psychology, criminal justice, human services) with 20+ years experience as a counselor, hypnotherapist, and advocate for the masses of those suffering from trauma and abuse.


A no-nonsense, tactless - straight shooting psychologist, one-time stand-up comedian, hip-hop head, and Sci-fi fan (Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Hobbit) with an excellent bull-sh*@ detector.


When taking that first step into must believe that 2 things will happen... there will be something solid for you to stand [on] or you will be taught to fly 🕊 - Patrick Overton

Who I am

Hi! I'm Dr. Lisa Smith - founder of, a sex crime reporting site. My mission is to raise awareness, help prevent, and reduce sexual victimization (1:5 are targeted online, 1:4 girls, 1:6 boys under 18 are groomed) in America. But why do we blame and shame vulnerable groups when they tell their stories about sexual victimization? Many are ill-prepared to fend off a sex offender when they are approached and don't often report the crime to parents or law enforcement. More important, these vulnerable children and teens grow up and become adults with distorted sexual identities.

Most children, teens, and young adults may not be educated on the best ways to deter a sex offender. I write books that teach my students about sexual violence. I write children's books to teach both parents and children about the grooming process, give deterrence tips, and help them identify the signs of sexual violence. With my books, children are taught to be superheroes that learn to help each other bring an undetected sex offender into the light.  

Remember, parents won't be there to protect their children or teens when a sex offender approaches them.

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Profile artwork for Lisa Smith
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