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Lindsey Chastain

“Homesteader Lindsey Chastain Promotes Sustainable Living and Self-Sufficiency”


About Me

Lindsey Chastain, a dedicated homesteader and skilled writer, is the driving force behind The Waddle and Cluck, a platform that celebrates sustainable living, gardening, and responsible farming. As half of the husband-wife team making The Waddle and Cluck thrive, Lindsey's expertise shines through in her engaging narratives about farm life and the beauty of rural living. Beyond her homesteading endeavors, she passionately shares her insights to inspire others toward self-sufficiency and a deeper connection with the environment. Lindsey's commitment to sustainable practices and the written word makes her a compelling voice in the modern homesteading community.

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Living in harmony with nature and promoting biodiversity can be deeply rewarding. As a homesteader, you have a unique opportunity…

Profile artwork for Lindsey Chastain
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