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Linda Coussement

“Philosophical novelist, corporate business consultant, self-portrait photographer, and solo-traveller; learning makes life meaningful.”


About Me

Through metaphysical fiction (my novel 'CONTRAST'), philosophical yet practical non-fiction, and impressionist self-portrait photography I reflect on and help others with self-discovery and finding meaning amidst the absurdity of life. I do so by highlighting the fascinating interplay between light and dark, head and heart, and male and female.

I've been exploring meaning and purpose for many years by intertwining an 18+ year-long career in business consulting with (solo-)travel, teaching yoga, cofounding a sustainability start-up, photography, and studying the concept of meaningful relations. The latter included a yearlong journey across Europe to ask over a hundred people “How is it to be you?” This experience combined with my INFJ personality type allows me clarity on creating a meaningful life not only from an emotional and spiritual perspective, but from a practical and intellectual one too.

Talking points include:

  • The contents of my book 'CONTRAST', which is described as: “A profound exploration of humanity, the meaning of life, and the possibilities that lie beyond death's veil.”
  • The story how 'CONTRAST' came to be; from the lightning strike idea while on the island of Lesbos, Greece during the refugee crisis to all the synchronicities that led to it coming together in the most magical way.
  • My experience being a corporate business consultant and free-thinking creative; how these different ways of working, thinking, and feeling can exist in 1 person and in this world.
  • The journey of shaking off societal norms and paving your own meaningful path. Even if that means constantly running in to walls, having to say goodbye to people in your life, and being a life-long learner.

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Linda Coussement, author and speaker.

Linda Coussement is an author and speaker. Through her philosophical fiction novel CONTRAST, engaging talks, and immersive workshops she reflects on finding meaning amidst the absurdity of life and explores the fascinating contrast between light and dark, head and heart, and male and female.

Linda Coussement

Linda Coussement. 1,182 likes · 2 talking about this. First novel (CONTRAST) to be published end of 2023. Bleeding my soul into the second as we speak.

Linda | Novelist & Photographer (@linda.coussement) on Threads

◻️ Author of CONTRAST, a novel that explores love, loss, and the quest for meaning alongside an existential ghost in a magical garden ◻️ Info here ⬇️. 185 Followers.

Profile artwork for Linda Coussement
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