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Leopoldino Jeronimo

“Analyzing conflicts, sustainable development models, and local and global affairs with an eye on decolonizing narratives for global justice.”


About Me

I am the Funder/President of Ubuntulist and the host of the Thinking Through with LJ podcast. At Brandeis University, I studied for two crucial degrees, MA in Sustainable International Development & MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence. My research and interests since then have been the power dynamics in peace and development intervention models. Through this, a great in-depth analysis of conflicts and international affairs is at the center of strategizing political, military, and humanitarian interventions. All are amount to control in the narratives that drive the global debate of conflict root causes, conflict sides, escalation trends, and prospects of implications for humanity. When it's daylight, I work for the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board as the Strategic Planning Specialist, where I learn the workaround researching, coordination, and policy design for youth programs in Minneapolis (United States). Prospect research interests include evidence-based policy design, political economy, and structural power dynamics from colonial/patriarchal tangible or intangible legacies.

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Profile artwork for Leopoldino Jeronimo
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