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Len Ward

“I answer the hardest question in marketing - What Is The ROI On My Marketing Investment”


About Me

Len began his entrepreneurial journey in 2004, when he left behind a successful career in finance with Credit Suisse to take on a partnership role in an e-commerce startup. Through that experience, Len realized that he was more interested in marketing products than in selling them. He took this newfound passion for marketing and turned it into RankMeSEO, an online marketing agency.

Today, Len has channeled his passion for investing and marketing into Commexis a marketing consulting firm specializing in financial auditing, investment allocation, and reporting of digital marketing campaigns. In short, Commexis solves your digital marketing ROI problems and will teach you how to optimize your investment to improve your ROI.

Commexis has worked with brands like the University of Pennsylvania, Johnson & Johnson, American Water, ESF Camps, Exceptional Foods, Analysis Prime, and Thyroid Virtual Clinic. 

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Profile artwork for Len Ward
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