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Lee Schneider

“Fiction writer and producer focused on the future. Thirty-year career in media includes podcast production, documentaries, and film.”


About Me

Futurist Storyteller

Lee Schneider is a fiction writer and producer focused on the future.

His 30-year career in media includes podcast production, and TV documentaries and series with History Channel, Discovery, Court TV, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, Dateline NBC and Good Morning America. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his family. For details, check out this link on my site.


Ask me about:

Should you let an AI write for you?

The future of creative work in the age of artificial intelligence

Creating compelling dystopian stories that give readers hope

How can a novel build a narrative around climate change?

What it means to become better stewards of the Earth

(I cover those topics in my writing and in podcast interviews.)

Sample Episode Titles

Find Your Creative Balance with AI

Creativity in the Age of AI: a conversation with Lee Schneider

Novelist Lee Schneider on Crafting Stories that Inspire

The Human Side of AI: Lee Schneider Explores the Future of Creative Work

Navigating the AI Revolution with Insights from Novelist and Producer Lee Schneider

Business-Friendly Topics

AI-powered creativity

AI and the future of creative work

How to use AI responsibly (and irresponsibly!)

Calling out the hype in AI

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Profile artwork for Lee Schneider
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