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“Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Fundraising Host. Auctioneer. Wife. Mother. Non-Binary. Layne's story is unique, inspirational and powerful.”


About Me

High-energy, witty, emotionally charged storytelling that powers kindness, authenticity, empathy, and inclusion. That is what audiences from across the globe have seen and felt when Layne takes the stage.

Layne is a non-binary, successful entrepreneur with a charming, animated personality, and armed with a collection of captivating anecdotes.

An advocate for social impact, Layne’s work as The Auctionista has raised over $40 million for charity across North America and they have taken the stage over 1,500 times. They champion the idea that no challenge is insurmountable, and no dream is unattainable.

Layne would know best. Prior to blazing a trail in a male-dominated industry and creating a wildly successful company, Layne changed career paths from a Financial Advisor to Director of Development at a charity, only to courageously pivot again. Through their determination and perseverance, they decided to take the leap and reinvent the role of auctioneer.

With live fundraising firmly under their belt, Layne stepped into the world of keynote speaking to deliver powerful messages about the importance of living authentically. In 2024, Layne launched The IMPACT Workshop; a DEIB-learning series targeted to organizations which is focused on helping participants understand the concepts of gender identity, and how to create a workplace and community that is inclusive and accepting of all, honouring intersections of identity including race, body size, abilities, age, etc.

Now, the ever-innovative Layne, is one of the most coveted and respected auctioneers, speakers, and workshop facilitators, with a sparkling reputation for personal storytelling that connects.

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For more information about Layne's Keynotes and Workshops, visit or email [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Layne -
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