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Layla McGlone

“Veteran Coach & Change Catalyst who champions blue-collar workers, empowering business owners to improve their people, process and profits!”


About Me

The grit, drive and determination of construction leaders inspires me! They rarely balk at a new challenge or an opportunity to take a risk. 

Having witnessed my family lose their home, property, and retirement plan during the 2008 recession, I vowed to help others avoid this fate. As the founder of Building Excellence, I champion construction companies to grow their teams and profits. Working with me owners learn how to best optimize their resources, engage and retain their employees, all while increasing productivity by 20%!

It is my privilege to champion blue collar workers, as I believe they are a major backbone to our communities and regional economies. I use my 5-phase process as a catalyst for building unstoppable teams. Owners experience:

  • Increased clarity & confidence
  • High employee engagement & productivity
  • High talent retention and low turnover
  • Dependable growth track for all employees
  • Laser focus & high accountability

Change is challenging, but not impossible. Now is the time for business owners to secure their team and powerfully show up as the expert they are to lead in industry! We need these experts to lead us forward despite the global and economic chaos at hand.

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Profile artwork for Layla McGlone
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