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Lauren Karan

“Career expert, business founder and podcast host. Decades of experience in recruitment and career coaching +10,000 Linked In Followers.”


About Me

Lauren is a wealth of knowledge, having over 12 years of experience as a Technical and Engineering specialist recruiting in the building and civil construction markets.

She holds a degree in psychology, accreditation in behavioural interviewing and psychometric testing, and is also a certified organisational coach. And, most importantly, she’s also a Mum.

In her initial work years, she spotted a market gap and saw potential for a unique business approach. Rather than just working in recruitment, she aimed to form lasting partnerships with clients, ensuring meaningful results through effective talent management.

She wanted to address a common complaint: agencies not listening. So she chose to listen.

And so, Karan & Co was born, a recruitment consultancy with a difference, and a place Lauren is proud to call her own. What makes her agency stand out is that they go beyond the initial hiring process and stay through the onboarding of a new team member. They help companies find the right people, and they also help people find the right companies.

Lauren believes in paving the way for a new way of working. She didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mum, but she also wanted to remain engaged in the work she enjoyed doing. She had to find somewhere where she could create a new way of working for others just like her.

It’s why she created the business, and why she strives to find positive ways to make sure people can find a happy balance in life.

The Building Doors Podcast came about after being stuck too long indoors during the Covid pandemic, and trying to balance having kids while still maintaining her business. Lauren created the podcast to give a voice to people who were paving their own way. The podcast is about diversity, inclusion, recruitment, attraction, retention, talents hortages, and, of course, the juggle of motherhood.

As a sought-after industry leader, Lauren’s expert advice and viewpoints have been published in HR Leader, IT Wire, Inside Small Business, Kochie’s Business Builders and Dynamic Business across a range of topics. She’s also been interviewed for radio, podcasts and by other business leaders for her insights on organisational culture, and business management and leadership.

Leadership and HR expertise insights published by HRLeader, Dynamic Business, IT Wire, Inside SmallBusiness and Kochie’s Business Builders

  • Interviewed on James Whittakers Win the Day podcast
  • Interviewed on HR Leader podcast
  • Interviewed on Decision Day podcast
  • Interviewed on ‘Today is the Future Podcast

Featured on LinkedIn globally for her articles on recruitment

Was in the top 30 in the first season of X Factor Australia

Lauren was also announced as the Mumpreneur Awards Bronze Winner 2023 for Professional Business Services of the Year. The awards, recognised on a national scale, have been honouring remarkable achievements of visionary women since 2009. This acknowledgement places Lauren in the ranks of Australian mothers in business breaking the stereotypes, and making a significant impact on the Australian economy.

Lauren has always been a forward thinker and a go-getter. She grew up with a mother who after a hip injury and a botched surgery was told she could never walk again, and a father who had terrible back trouble, so she knew the importance of overcoming struggles. Between her own parents, and then becoming a parent herself, she was shaped into the person she is today.

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Profile artwork for Lauren Karan
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