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Laura Smith

“I'm a debut author with a nonconventional route to writing! Let's talk about my mystery set in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry.”


About Me

I am a first time author from the Atlanta, Georgia area. My book is a cozy mystery. All Is Now Lost, set in the South Carolina Lowcountry, is part of The Island Mysteries series. My journey to writing this book is somewhat unconventional. My family traveled to Daufuskie Island, SC many years ago. We were instantly captivated. The island has been through some turbulent financial times. In 2020, I began a quiet campaign to connect people who could be interested in revitalizing some areas of the island. It is from this work that Mongin Island and this story were imagined. I hope that my story introduces readers to characters they want to know more about and that they will experience some island magic.

I would love to explore the writing process, starting a passion project, and reinventing yourself. I love meeting new people and learning more with them and from them. Thanks for considering me as a guest!

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Profile artwork for Laura Smith
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