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Laura Miller

“TempDev has been an entirely remote company, which has contributed to its success at attracting top talent.”


About Me

TempDev is a healthcare IT consulting and technology firm focused on NextGen Healthcare software. They specialize in creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions, such as credit balance software, reporting dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and practice management templates. TempDev has worked with some of the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country. They have presented at the NextGen National User Group Meeting conference on multiple occasions. TempDev offers consulting services for Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) and practice management. They are also a NextGen Preferred Partner handling outsourced white label work and consulting with research and development teams.

Computer Engineer Laura Miller founded TempDev in 2007 and remains the CEO and owner of the company. Miller founded TempDev to help clients improve operations, clinical, and financial performance. The team solves complex problems and develops solutions to drive their clients’ businesses forward and reducing or eliminating the need for outsourcing.

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Profile artwork for Laura Miller
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