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Laura Hartley

“Activist & Coach. Self Work for World Work. Detoxing from capitalism, patriarchy & helping changemakers remake the world”


About Me

Hey! My name is Laura. I'm an activist & coach supporting changemakers to deepen their impact while living their most meaningful life.

Through coaching & group programs, I empower changemakers to:

1) Get free, dismantling capitalism & patriarchy from the inside out.

2) Steward their power, and

3) Find what is their’s to do in this time.

I often use the term Self Work for World Work, as all of my coaching & programs are rooted in the realities and urgency of the climate crisis. I believe we can all use our lives and gifts to be part of remaking the world.

I am available to speak on:

  • burnout & resilience
  • internalised capitalism & patriarchy
  • nonviolence
  • cultural detoxing
  • the intersection of spirituality and social change (aka inner - transformation & outer change)
  • embodiment, mindfulness & eco-anxiety
  • climate change
  • community, purpose & politics as embodied spirituality

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Profile artwork for Laura Hartley
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