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Kurt Johnson

“As a former pro fighter + firefighter and now lead therapist and director of London clinic, One Body LDN: my focus is health and performance”


About Me


My name is Kurt and I am the clinical lead therapist and director of the fast-growing London healthcare brand One Body LDN.

As a director of this brand, I work with one mission in mind only: to maximize the health and performance of the clients that step into this clinic.

My experience ranges across a few different industries including:

  • Personal training/strength and conditioning trainnig
  • Plumbing/construction
  • Nightclub security/close protection
  • Founder and lead osteopath of the award-winning, 5-star London clinic – Osteo LDN.
  • And a big part of my life, 14 years, being spent in the London Fire Brigade.

As a trainer and therapist throughout the years - I have worked with all types of clients, from office professionals to seasoned athletes.

As well to this, I have also spent many years training and competing in different sports. I was a teenage Tae Kwon Do national champion and a former WKO top 10 UK ranked professional K1 kickboxer. I have also competed across a broad range of sports, including strongman and MMA, and completed a marathon.

As a guest, I feel I can bring great value in conversing about physical health as well as its relations to mood and performance, nutrition and overall personal development.

I could specialise or niche on certain topics such as injury recovery and prevention and training.

I also take pride in being a good conversationist and listener :)

I really do aim to explode my visibility over the coming year - and it would be a pleasure to speak with you on your podcast.

Any questions - please just let me know!

All the best and hope to speak soon!

Kurt Johnson

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Profile artwork for Kurt Johnson
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