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Kristy Jessica

“Full time creative, professional freelance model, 11 years sober, producer, RVer, life coach, author, feminist, nudist”


About Me

Hi podcast peeps! I have been a full time content creator since 2012. I lost everything in 2012 due to alcoholism, added salt to that wound with a 7.5 year relationship with a much-older-than-me narcissistic man, but somehow ended up living a life far beyond my wildest dreams!

I got sober in 2012 after getting fired from bartending and decided to pursue full time modeling, though I am only 5'2 and have some very striking stretch marks from puberty, somehow I made it work by believing in myself. I have traveled to many international destinations including Australia, Bahamas, New Zealand, Tahiti, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Romania, Croatia, Belize, Turkey, & more :)

Sharing my story about alcoholism, narcissistic abuse, and my transition into full time freelancing is a passion of mine. I also have my own podcast as well!

Other things I am very passionate about: not over-photoshopping what society deems "flaws" (like stretch marks, making you look skinnier or plastic etc), influencers tagging locations responsibly, autonomy, sexual expression, nudity, how laws affect art, etc.

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Profile artwork for Kristy Jessica
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