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Kristin Ostrander

“Does your audience enjoy dynamic, funny stories of failure, resilience & success? From forclosure to a 7 figure biz I've got stories to tell”


About Me

Kristin Ostrander is an author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and eCommerce expert. She founded and hosts a weekly podcast, The Amazon Files, where she helps others start and grow businesses online.

Her grit, hard work, and business savvy have changed her life in ways she never thought possible. From the emotional low of foreclosure to scaling a seven-figure business while starting another, she is determined to make an impact in the lives of others by sharing what she learned along the way. With her new book Dream Big, Step Small she desires to inspire women and moms all over the world to find their purpose, follow their dreams, and take small steps to get everything they ever wanted.

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Profile artwork for Kristin Ostrander
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