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Kris Maric

“Is 'Corporate & AI Kumbaya' possible? Is it possible to 'Do Great+Feel Good' at work & be a successful business, leader &/or professional?”


About Me

About Me

I love talking about all things AI, change management, and business/professional transformation!

I have worked as a CEO, Co-Founder, producer, strategist, change management / business transformation specialist, senior finance professional for various business, entertainment, arts and education entities in the arenas of live, performance, music, theatre, TV, film, merchandising amd tehcnology solutions in Australia, UK, Asia and USA. I am passionate about producing quality entertainment and education of all avenues via the optimal utilization of artistic talent, strategy, business/operational management and technology. I have been a long standing supporter of creative, educational and wellbeing solutions and industries, offering consulting services in change management, business and marketing to an array of entities, helping them to actualise their commercial potential.

Some of the companies and initiatives I currently am apart of:

Key Principal @ Greatnesss.Goodness - a company dedicated to helping (with good humour) people find a holistic approach and support (change management services, strategic advice, coaching, tools, courses, ebooks, podcasts, articles) to their work-life, business and corporate wellbeing and capability.

Co-Founder @ Humphrey B. Bear Entertainment - an iconic 55+ year kids and family brand.

Founder @ Gomesh & Co-Founder The Magic Forest Group (MFG)) Publishing - is an innovative 'digital first' content 360 'content production-to-promotion' platform and publishing service that leverages AI technologies. Offering support to IP/Brands in getting their presence out there to the globe. Gomesh & The MFG were recently selected to participate in the CSRIO's AI National Sprint.

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Greatness Goodness is dedicated to helping people find a holistic approach to their worklife, business and corporate wellbeing. Do Great. Feel Good.

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Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

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