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Kirsten Graham

“Let's Empower Your Entrepreneurial Listeners By Diving into Outsourcing and Video Marketing for Consistent Growth”


About Me

Imagine starting in the fast-paced world of real estate, where communication is key. That's where I honed my persuasive skills! Then, I transitioned to marketing and discovered the power of video content in building trust and establishing authority. Now, with over a decade of experience in outsourcing overseas, I help also entrepreneurs optimize their operations so they can focus on their core passions.

What makes me a great podcast guest? I bring a unique combination of storytelling and strategic insight. I can break down complex marketing concepts into clear, engaging pieces, making them easy to understand.

I'm passionate about sharing actionable tips - specifically, how one video can provide 33 pieces of content across your platforms and how podcast guesting can significantly boost business profiles and generate leads. My sessions are informative and infused with my enthusiasm for this industry.

When you record with me, it's a dynamic experience. I focus on practical advice that your audience can implement right away, providing real value. My goal is to inspire and empower your listeners to transform their business strategies with confidence.

If you're looking to captivate and educate your audience on fresh perspectives in video marketing and outsourcing, I'd be thrilled to connect and contribute to your show!

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Six Figure Business Coaching

We help entrepreneurs leverage video marketing with the help of a marketing virtual assistant doing all the heavy lifting, so our clients can become an influencer in their niche, generate more leads and close more sales! Our clients go from overwhelmed and overworked to focused and free by taking marketing tasks off their to do lists! We show entrepreneurs how to consistently market their business and spend more time in their unique ability - such as coaching, real estate, or online marketing! Are you ready to scale your business? ♦️ 👉 Book a Call here: ♦️ BACKGROUND - Kirsten is a successful business coach who enjoys helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with challenges like raising their prices and outsourcing so they can grow a bigger business. Jeanne is a seasoned marketing coach who has been helping clients with SEO-focused websites, consistent email marketing, & building effective marketing strategies.

The Marketing VA Advantage

Ready to get off the revenue rollercoaster? Time to earn more and work less with The Marketing VA Advantage

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Helping busy entrepreneurs earn more and work less through outsourcing. We help our clients go from overwhelmed and overworked to focused and free. We show them how to spend 80% of their time in their unique ability - such as coaching, real estate, social media management - and how to outsource the rest!

Six Figure Business Coaching

Six Figure Business Coaching, Midlothian. 9,695 likes · 4 talking about this. We specialize in helping service-based entrepreneurs generate leads with a simple marketing strategy

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