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Kimmie Fox

“Beauty Industry expert with a wealth of knowledge on all things beauty, business & marketing!”


About Me

After falling pregnant at 17 & dropping out of school, I knew I had to find a way to support myself and my son. So I took a course in beauty and I never look back. 10 years on and I have built a multi million dollar, academy, salon and beauty brand.

Like most business owners I failed multiple times and I’ve learned from every single mistake.

I have 10 years of mistakes and wisdom To share with your audience. The highs and the lows.

My ‘why’ behind my business is to inspire other like-minded women who may feel stuck in their careers or who don’t think they have other options because they have children.

Beauty being a fantastic & flexible career that it is it gives financial freedom to these women and empowers them to be more than just someone’s mother.

If this aligns with you and your podcast and I would love to chat! Together we can help empower women!

Profile artwork for Kimmie Fox
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