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Kim Sorrelle

“Entrepreneur, author, speaker, breast cancer survivor, and lover of black licorice.”


About Me

I'm a funny, great storytelling entrepreneur and author who dedicated a life-changing year to discovering the true meaning of love then wrote a book about it, Love Is.

It is not a unicorns and rainbows book on love; it is the nitty-gritty, sometimes scary, many times funny experiences that led me to the answers I searched for. The stories are from Haiti, where I spent most of the year, a place where love is challenging, abundant, and contagious.

There is no manual, no Love For Dummies; we learn from our parents, other people in our lives, and not everything we learn is right.

What I learned translates into business, parenting, political divides, family relationships and can change the world.

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Profile artwork for Kim Sorrelle
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