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Kim Clode-Baker

“Hey! I'm a "professional" dabbler! I'm an IT girl; social media-ing, web designing, etc. and an urban homesteader. Let's chat it up!”


About Me

I was recently let go from my corporate tech job, right after thanksgiving and a week before my birthday - impeccable timing!

I want to share with others how corporate is like a game of Survivor and Traitors. If you're into these shows, and like playing psychological games, I'd love to chat and pull the layers back on all the corporate dirt.

Speaking of dirt, I'm also a self-taught chicken momma - homesteader! I've recently started my own website (also self taught), where I share tips and tricks on how to start raising your own back yard chickens!

I'm looking to chat with others who are also sick of corporate BS, who want to start their own thing, escape the rat race, and learn how to be self sufficient too!

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Bold, Cheeky, Farm-ish gifts | COMING SOON Offering Concierge Urban Backyard Gardening + Chicken Coop set ups

Profile artwork for Kim Clode-Baker
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