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Kiley Doll

“As a serial entrepreneur & self-proclaimed bootstrapping queen. I draw from my real-life experiences to help other entrepreneurs grow.”


About Me

Born to be an entrepreneur, Kiley Doll’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her bones. This tenacious businesswoman and graduate of the School of Hard Knocks exudes a real zest for life, a relentless drive for business, and a profound love for knowledge sharing and public speaking. She's a visionary in the world of startups, guiding entrepreneurs through challenges and empowering individuals to break free from the minimum wage nightmare and pursue their business dreams. With her magnetic presence and dynamic speaking style, Kiley captivates audiences, leaving every "butt’s in seat" craving more. She champions economic mobility and ignites the entrepreneurial flame nationwide through her ventures.

🚀 Founder of KileyCo

I'm the visionary behind KileyCo, and I've found my passion in guiding startups through the maze of business challenges. I believe in the power of mentorship to empower entrepreneurs, helping them turn their dreams into reality, one step at a time.

💼 Vice President of Growth and Opportunities at the Angel Investors Network

As VP of Growth at Angel Investors Network (AIN), I lead a dynamic team in seeking new opportunities for expansion and prosperity. We focus on impactful investments, driving positive change in emerging markets. Since 1997, AIN has fueled the success of numerous companies, raising over $100 million in capital.

🌱 Wings of Growth (WOG) Involvement

As head of Wings of Growth (WOG), a nonprofit aiding SMEs, I spearhead efforts to enhance economic mobility and ignite entrepreneurial spirit nationwide. Through mentorship and community involvement, we're empowering dreams to soar. Join us in fostering SME success and community impact.

💼 Business in a Box (BIB):

I founded Business in a Box (BIB) to empower entrepreneurs. With our startup system, unleash your potential, take control of your future, and build your dream business fast. No challenge is insurmountable—we're here to break barriers and pave your path to success. Join BIB and seize your future today!

💖 Philanthropic Endeavors

Beyond the boardroom, I'm a passionate advocate for philanthropy, spearheading initiatives like the Bob Mola mentoring group in Africa and supporting SAFE in Culpeper, VA, to make a tangible impact across continents.

🎉 Fun Facts

Picture this: Met husband on a plane —pure magic ever since!

Three awesome kids, grandkids, and a furry sidekick make for epic family adventures.

My heart belongs to the outdoors—dancing with lions and roaring with elephants through my safari business.

Ran a 50-mile race, didn't win, but learned heaps about grit and determination

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KileyCo, Culpeper, Virginia. 743 likes. As a self-starter with over 25 years of hands-on experience in sales, business development, and cons

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A successful business is within your grasp. KileyCo offers business coaching and digital marketing services to help your business grow.

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In a week or less, start and expand your own Business

With Business in a Box (BIB) you have the opportunity to launch and grow your own business in a week or less. Why keep wasting your time and talent on minimum wage when you deserve better?

Profile artwork for Kiley Doll
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