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Kevin Ryan

“Hello I'm an Irish podcaster and screenwriter. My podcast Tyrant in Training is an improv comedy chat show. Say hello!”


About Me


I'm Kevin. From Ireland. I'm a screenwriter who usually writes comedies but love to dive into different worlds, research and write. Also a podcaster. My podcast is an improv comedy podcast called Tyrant In Training which has a guest on each week to tell us all how they would abuse their own power in their own personal kingdom.

I self-deprecate but people say I'm also productive and energetic. I wrote 55 shorts in 550 days in 55 genres because it seemed like a fun challenge.

I'm a good guest because I've always been good at talking to strangers and I love playing games.

Winner: Feature Screenplay - Golden Nugget Film Festival

Best Unproduced Screenplay - British Animation Film Festival

Bronze: Screenplay - Prix Royale Paris Screenplay Award

Semi-Finals: Shriekfest 2021

Quarter Finals: Screencraft Public Domain and True Story Contest

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The Tyrant In Training Podcast is a weekly comedy podcast which asks guests what they would do as a tyrant of their own country. Guests answer questions such as what official title they are to to known as, what is banned on the island and what scandal do they get involved in.

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Profile artwork for Kevin Ryan
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