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Kevin Amolsch

“I am a real estate investor and financing expert who has been involved in 2000+ transactions, focusing on fix and flips and analyzing deals”


About Me

I am a successful real estate investor and financing expert. Founder of Pine Financial Group, Inc and author of “The 45 Day Investor,” a book dedicated to helping investors buy their first or next investment in 45 days or less with no money down.

I formed Pine Financial in October 2008 after leaving a small mortgage company as the senior loan officer for residential lending. I have a degree in Finance that I obtained after serving four years in the US Army. I started out in banking, working at First Bank in the lending department while in school. From there, I started my own first real estate investment company, which is still active today.

Passionate about real estate investing, I have more than 14 years as a real estate investor and 10 years in real estate lending under my belt with experience in both active and passive real estate investing.

I got my start with lease options and have done hundreds of deals using owner financing strategies including the lease option. I have been quoted in major publications including; The Denver Post, The Las Vegas Review Journal, Forbes, and Yahoo Real Estate.

I have bought, sold, and financed hundreds of deals and my company has funded well over 700 private money notes worth more than $135 million. I am an expert in fix and flip valuation and analyzing deals.

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Kevin Amolsch - Pine Financial Group

Kevin Amolsch is the founder of Pine Financial Group. He has been in banking for many years and loves helping people achieve their financial goals!

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We are the premier lender for real estate investors in Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We also invest, so we know what it takes to close deals.


Interested in real estate investing? We provide content that is both beneficial and educational to any and all real estate investors, whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out! We are the premier hard money lender for investors in Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We make money doing deals and are happy to educate and support our clients along the way. Lets face it. We succeed when you succeed! Follow the link to our website to find out more information about us, our products, free classes and events, and some great articles published monthly - For More Content Like This, Subscribe To Our Channel With One Click:

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Profile artwork for Kevin Amolsch
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