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Kevin A Rodas

“Financially free real estate investor & financial coach. I share tactical steps I've learned along my journey that help others learn quicker”


About Me

I went from being a bank teller to becoming financially free at 31. I now run a financial coaching program where I teach business owners how I was able to diversify my assets and risk. This involves things as simple as proper budgeting (which most business owners actually approach incorrectly) to things as complex as real estate investing. 

I have a background in marketing as well and ran a marketing agency which helped me generate a lot of cash flow that I reinvested into real estate. 

I’ve also been featured in multiple publications for my work, some of which have been featured below. 

My 'Why' is to empower others through true financial literacy. 

I want to positively change this world and I believe that the baseline of change comes from proper education. I believe that when we give ethical small business owners the proper education, we give the world the best chance at economically flourishing.

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Profile artwork for Kevin A Rodas
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