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Kerry Loeb

“With 40 years in alternative health field, Kerry Loeb teaches people how they can achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.”


About Me

I started an alternative health center in the San Francisco area back in the 80's where I would see clients privately and teach classes on how people can improve their health. I did 3 simultaneous 7-year apprenticeships with experts in the field (TCM, Ayurvedics, Macrobiotics) to learn how I can best help people live healthier and happier lives. I now just teach online and through pre-recorded Evergreen programs. All of my work follows the theory in Chinese Medicine that when the energy is moving throuhg the 14 meridians and 10 internal organs unimpeded, then things like disease, ill-health, and chronic pain cannot exist. I have developed a Non-Surgical Facelift technique that follows this theory and helps people to look and feel younger. I also developed an online program that utilizes stretching, breathing, percussive techniques, and direct acupoint work to help free up any stuck energy anywhere in the body. I also teach diet, breathing, calming techniques, to help people take their health to the next level.

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Profile artwork for Kerry Loeb
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