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Ken Greene

“A Professional Engineer, P.E., turned into the “Engineer of Finance". I can show you how to enjoy today AND can have a wealthier tomorrow.”


About Me

Ken Greene: Engineer of Finance

About Ken Greene

Ken Greene's journey from a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to an "Engineer of Finance" showcases his remarkable ability to turn adversity into triumph. With a diverse background spanning engineering, real estate, and finance, Ken is a beacon of financial wisdom and resilience.

From Frugal Dreams to Financial Realities

Initially driven by dreams of early retirement and a luxurious lifestyle, Ken took bold risks in ventures like real estate and stocks. The 2008 financial crisis, however, brought a harsh reality check, leading to financial turmoil.

Pivot and Transformation

In response to adversity, Ken shifted gears, entering the insurance and financial industry. While initially challenging, he found mentors who shared his passion for client education. He gained invaluable insights into wealth building, liquidity, and cash flow.

Empowering Others

Ken's personal journey has empowered him to help hundreds of clients eliminate debt, build financial security, and earn better returns with lower risk—beyond Wall Street's confines.

Today, Ken Greene is a trusted financial advisor, inspiring others to engineer their path to financial freedom. His story proves that resilience and financial education can lead to success in any circumstance.

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