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Kelly Tuttle

“I’m a Neurology Nurse Practitioner and TBI survivor. I’m passionate about helping people continue to work and study after a mild TBI.”


About Me

Hello, I'm Kelly the Brain Loving NP and author of, After the Crash: How to Keelp Your Job, Stay in School, and Live Life After a Brain Injury.

I joined the head injury survivors club in 2015, the night another car pulled in front of me while driving. My traumatic brain injury (TBI) marked the beginning of a new life and a personal journey of self-rediscovery.

As a neurology nurse practitioner, I have observed patients struggling with many of the same things I experienced in my recovery. I strive to share coping strategies and tools and help them continue to work and study while they heal. I want other mild TBI survivors to know there is hope. If I could get better, so can they.

I also care for patients with seizures, Parkinson's disease, and mild cognitive impairments. I love educating my patients on how to lowering their risk for dementia.

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Profile artwork for Kelly Tuttle
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