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Keith Bilous

“Accountability is difficult. I show up everyday. I'm a Business Athlete, daily talk show host & worlds most dedicated accountability partner”


About Me

In a blink. In a heartbeat. In the span of a phone call.

That’s how fast life changes.

In February 2021, I got a phone call.

The company I had built from nothing and nurtured to success was headed in a new direction—and I wasn’t invited.

“We’re going this way,” they said, “And you’re going that way.”

10 years earlier, I had sold the company and stayed on as CEO.

Now everything I had worked for, everything I had been, was taken away. Just like that.

Over a f***king phone call.

It was awful.

But that’s the thing about true growth.

It never comes easy.

What followed was 22 months of

  • self-reflection
  • self-discovery
  • making an identity shift
  • finding my new purpose—my ‘Next’
  • and becoming the world’s best Dad Uber driver

What was my ‘Next’?

Starting the Business Athlete Performance Lab (BAPL).

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs and founders achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) through accountability.

The Biggest of big goals.

Here’s how I am doing that.

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👉🏻 I host a LIVE show, Monday to Monday, at noon Central Time.

👉🏻 Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous streams LIVE on YouTube, LinkedIn, and X.

👉🏻 Come join me and my guests as we engage in raw, candid, and entertaining conversations about the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship.

Find me @keithbilouson all platforms.

Connect with me if you need an accountability partner. I show up every day. And I’ll help you do the same. I’ll help you achieve that BHAG.

Some of my BHAG’s I’ve achieved:

  • Bootstrapped a business from an idea to a $50 MM Exit
  • Saw the Pacific and Atlantic oceans simultaneously when I summited Volcan Baru in Panama.
  • Came face-to-face with Great White sharks when I went cage diving in Australia.
  • Trekked the Inca trail to the historic Machu Picchu.
  • Trekked the plains of the Maasai Mara in Africa.
  • Summited Mount Pico in the Azores.
  • Sailed the Southern Indian Ocean.
  • Kayaked through the Galapagos,
  • Summited Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Trekked across Iceland.

Whatever you’re dreaming, I can help you achieve it. Period.

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Profile artwork for Keith Bilous
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