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Katie Geilenkirchen

“Nostalgic Xennial over here. My show focuses on memorable movies from "back in the day" with a pinch of retro pop culture throughout.”


About Me

I've been co-hosting a Rocky series podcast called "One More Round" on "The Last of the Action Heroes Podcast Network" for a few years. I've guested on other Network shows as well as other TV/Movie related podcasts. All have been non-scripted, where we play off of each other in the moment.

I recently started Retromade - Your pop culture rewind. Together with my totally awesome guests, we’ll explore the best of the 80s & 90s - ahhh, the good ole days before “adulting” was a thing ;)

Think of it as a VHS time capsule: We dive into iconic movies of the time grouped in thematic seasons. As we break down the movie, we also explore the moments that shaped our childhoods. You know, the TV shows, music, fashion, cartoons, toys, and other cultural trends that defined the year in which each movie was released.

Contact me at [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Katie Geilenkirchen
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