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Kathy McEwan

“I provide home organizing tips and solutions and can discuss the importance of clearing clutter, getting organized and staying organized.”


About Me

Kathy McEwan is a certified professional organizer and previous owner of a multi six figure home organizing company. Kathy helps her clients and students transform their lives and homes by teaching them how to clear their physical and mental clutter, get organized and become more productive. There are many different ways Kathy provides home organizing tips and solutions which include courses, programs, group and private one-on-one mentoring calls, free Facebook group - Organize for Success, her podcast - Organize for Success and on instagram @kathyorganizes.

In addition to chatting about home organizing, Kathy can also tell her story about how she went from not having enough money to buy groceries, to building a successful six-figure home organizing company, simplifying her life by downsizing, and lviing her dream by having two smaller homes, one in her home town in Ontario Canada and one in the sunshine state of Florida. Kathy now works virtually to help her clients become organized and stay organized.

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Profile artwork for Kathy McEwan
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