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Karma Said

“Wife turned sex-slave (of another man) turned Dominant speaks about her kink odyssey.”


About Me

My (pen) name is Karma Said. I’m a reporter and happily married mother of two -- and, until recently, the consensual sex slave of another man. I’m the author of the award-winning confessional, "Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir Of An Unfaithful Wife". After four transformative years as Joshua's slave, I'm now exploring my own path as a Dominant.

In 2018, while investigating an article on the #metoo movement, I met Master Joshua: a pansexual, polyamorous pro-Dom (a male Dominatrix), battling accusations of sexual abuse. He was the intended subject of my story... until WE became it. Following Joshua deeper and deeper into New York’s sexual underground, I crossed the line between observer and participant. Our experiences changed me: I lied and cheated to facilitate them, though a lying cheater was not who I wanted to become. I wanted to remain a good wife and mother, and a decent person. So did Joshua. But we couldn’t have our cake and eat it too... or could we?

We could. With Joshua's support, I eventually confessed to my husband about our illicit affair. We started over as a consensual non-monogamy, which, over time, evolved into a 24/7 Master/slave Dynamic. I published a memoir about our relationship/s, which brought us recognition and legitimacy. The life we lived surpassed anything I could have imagined.

Sometimes, I wish I could conclude this bio right there. Being Joshua's slave felt safe, welcoming. My years as His were the most beautiful of my life. But, much like in my marriage, "happily ever after" wasn't where my story ended. I guess that once you taste the thrill of transformation -- the promise of new discoveries, budding just beyond the roles you’ve grown accustomed to -- there is no “The End” you can settle for. But, much like in my marriage, our relationship continues, even after our respective roles dissolved. My husband and I, Joshua and I, all our paramours and lovers, we are all still together. Different than what we started out as... but together, and free.

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Profile artwork for Karma Said
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