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Karen Swyszcz

“I started a blog in 2012 as a hobby and it has led me down this exciting, unpredictable path full of incredible opportunities.”


About Me

My career path represents a rock climbing wall. I have no idea what it's means to work in a certain industry for 10-15 years or "climb a corporate ladder."

I have gone through several career changes and even applied to grad school a couple of times to figure out what I wanted to do. I started a blog to escape the monotony of a former day job, but this passion project turned out to be something more valuable than I ever imagined.


Product Manager at e-commerce startup.


Makinthebacon -1:1 consulting and group workshops to small business owners.

Kaibigan Connection - a social venture that connects Filipino entrepreneurs to each other and opportunities.


Fitness To Freedom - Best Seller on Amazon in Women's Health

Lighting The North - 2020 Non-Fiction Finalist for the Canadian Book Club Awards.


The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast - a podcast where I combine my passion of technology and entrepreneurship. Every month I interview entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors and people in tech to see what drives them and makes them tick.


Podball - a web-based tool that enables podcasters to improve their editing efficiency in their podcast workflow. We're on a mission to improve your "poductivity".

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